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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Typing Furiously GIFs

This is me today. I'm working on my LARP. Trying to get it done soon enough that I can get feedback and I'm not literally running from the printer to the game.

Hopefully I'll be back on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Question to the Readers of Writing About Writing

I have a question for you all. 

It's a question you'll have to answer in the comments since we already have a poll running (which you should totes magotes go vote in bee tee dubs).

As you know I am writing very little this week here at WAW because I'm holed up in a bunker--a charming bunker furnished to look exactly like my living room--writing a Live Action Role Playing Game to be presented at Kublacon (a convention near the SF Airport) on Friday.

I personally find LARPs a very valuable tool as a writer. They are exercises in making every character interesting and fundamentally about how characters drive plot (rather than plot driving characters). A writer could do a whole hell of a lot worse than to write a character sheet for each of their characters before they start a piece of fiction.

My question for you all is (knowing that a LARP is not "a story" or anything that most people would consider fiction in the strictest sense, but mostly just a collection of character sheets) would you be interested in me publishing that information here. I would do a little write up of what these characters did, but it would mostly just be fifteen character sheets and some notes. I also can't promise any writing better than caffeine addled brain on "the night before it's due."

Basically, would you like to see my LARP once I'm done running it?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Worst Movie Adaptation

What is the worst movie adaptation?

I'm still nose hair deep writing this LARP for Friday, so I'm just going to have time to quickly post the May poll.

There were way too many nominations (even with seconds) to take every nomination, and I didn't want to go into semifinals for such a low key poll. So I took everything that had at least TWO seconds.

Remember, this is not about shitty books made into shitty movies. This is about BAD adaptations. They don't necessarily have to be far from their source material, either. (I know a lot of people who loved the book Dune and thought the 1984 Lynch movie was quite true to the source material, but it somehow just lost EVERYTHING in translation.) This is about movies that just sucked at being anything the book

Everyone will get two votes (2). 

The poll itself is on the left side at the bottom of the side menus. 

Please don't forget that Polldaddy (the program that runs the polls and tabulates the results) will log your IP address for only a week. After that, you can vote again. Since I can't really stop people, I might as well work it into the system. Vote early! Vote often!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Note to Regular Readers of Writing About Writing

Hi all,

Normally, having worked as much as I did this week, I would be taking the weekend off, but I wanted to stop in and give my regular readers a quick warning about the week to come.

Because things could get weird in the next few days. I debated just taking the time off, but that always leads to such a hit in my numbers and terrible guilt towards my generous donors. I've got some half written articles, but getting up anything more than the most EPIC of jazz hands will be contingent upon how well I'm doing on a brief side project.

You see on Friday May 22 (in just five more days), I'm going to be running a LARP at a game convention. That means I have to write it. (Fourteen more characters at about two hours each--plus some background information) It's going to take almost all of my writing time and writing energy for the week to knock this out.

There will also be no post on Friday. No matter what. I'm going to be printing out character sheets. Getting physical supplies. Generally running around like a chicken with its cliché cut off. If I manage to finish and clean up this "meaty post" I've got mostly written, despite everything else I'm working on this week, it will go up on Thursday.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Best Heroine (Poll Results)

I hated to leave things so close between Matilda and Cordelia, but I waited just as long as I could.

Here are the final results. After many long quarterfinal and semifinal polls we know know definitively who the best heroine in fiction is....until the next poll.

Thank you to so, so many who voted (one of our highest turnouts ever that didn't involve a "ballot stuffing from a fanbase). And keep your eyes peeled for this month's poll about WORST movie adaptation, which will be up by Monday. (Also there's still a chance to nominate a title or second one of the existing ones.)